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Workshops and Training Sessions

Come together, have some laughs, and walk away with
valuable applicable tools to implement in your team today!

DisruptHR OKC

Innovation Revolution 

Training to unleash creativity in unconventional problem solving, product development, and service

Collaboration Culture 

Training to improve collaboration through personal leadership, team building, relationship capital, and overall way of work.

ORU Global Communication Class

The Global Workforce

The world of work is becoming more globalized. Participants will learn how to understand others, adapt, accommodate, and adjust to different working styles to collaborate within globalized teams in an effective and meaningful manner.

Effective Communication

Training to improve communication to be clearer, more concise, and more effective. This training will unlock the power of performance feedback for improvement in both giving and receiving messages.

Launch Out Conference

How to Build and Lead Remote Teams

Training in HR policy, leadership practices, and team development in remote environments

HR to Transform Your Organization

Training in policies, procedures, and innovative solutions to your HR needs. The HR Ninja will gain training in building, valuing, training, and retaining top talent.

Music City Tech


"In a word, Amber is AMAZING! From the first time I saw Amber speak, her knowledge, professionalism and expertise were extremely obvious but what really stood out to me was her delivery. Amber has an array of experiences and stories she shares to convey her message which really resonate and paint a clear picture of the solutions she provides to the most pressing issues organizations have today. She does this masterfully and I am honored to recommend Amber to anyone who is looking for a keynote speaker who has great delivery and is knowledgeable in her field."

- Berta Medina

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